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Keynote speaker Fawn Germer reaches inside of you and finds your best

Fawn Germer’s trademark -- what separates her from all the rest -- is that she has earned her credibility. She's not one of those phony motivational speakers whose only qualification is that he or she is motivated. Fawn has four Pulitzer Prize nominations and has interviewed our most powerful and accomplished leaders for her eight best-selling books. Her message has made her an unstoppable force in the competitive speaker market.

Fawn's recently released eighth book, Work-Life Reset , hit three best-seller lists its first day out and is now in its third printing. The book shows how to make a conscious and deliberate choice to take charge, change paths, and do what calls your soul — giving it a good jolt. A reset.

Fawn has been traveling the globe with her message — all through the U.S., across China and Taiwan, to Spain, UAE and India. Leaders, entrepreneurs, young business owners and women in leadership have come to hear her inspiring and insightful talks.

At Harvard's leadership conference, this powerful keynote speaker shared insights from her interviews with more than 300 renowned leaders and trailblazers. Why is she so passionate about her message? Why do her insights and practical advice resonate so deeply?

“At some point, I realized it was for me to define my success, rather than letting others do it for me. I don't live by default. I make choices and follow through so that my life is balanced, meaningful and successful. That's what I teach. I give others the courage to take risks and make the decision to live successful, purposeful lives."

If you have not heard Fawn's message, get ready. Fawn is unforgettable and she will shake up your performance dynamic while energizing your spirit. She will inspire you to be more courageous and creative, take risks, make faster (and better) decisions, increase your confidence and move well beyond your perceived limits.

Top Leadership and Work-Life Balance Speaker

Fawn’s trademark -- what separates her from all the rest -- is that she seeks out our most powerful and accomplished leaders and asks them to tell her about their tough times as well as their major successes. What did they learn the hard way? Her message has made her an unstoppable force in the competitive speaker market. This bestselling author has keynoted for Coca Cola, Ford Motor Co., Cisco, Microsoft, Marathon Petroleum, Xerox, Kraft, NASA, AIG, Michaels, State Farm, The Department of Defense, PepsiCo, Novartis, ConAgra, State Street Financial, The Network of Executive Women, ADP, Brown-Forman, the Association for Corporate Growth, the International Women’s Forum and many, many other major associations and corporations. See what clients say to understand the power of Fawn’s delivery.

Best-selling Oprah Author

Fawn Germer is the best-selling author of eight books, including Hard Won Wisdom, which Oprah held up and told the world was "very inspiring." Mustang Sallies was on top of the bestseller list within two weeks of its release. Her recent book, Pearls has sold more than any of her books and is full of mentoring insights from many of the people she has personally interviewed, including Hillary Clinton, Meg Whitman, Susan Sarandon, Martina Navratilova and many, many others. She gets their insight on leadership, work-life balance, risk-taking, self-esteem, failure and success.

Credibility. A Track Record. And, She’s FUNNY.

Most motivational speakers have just one qualification: They’re motivated. All talk, no credibility. Four-time Pulitzer nominee Fawn Germer went to the greatest leaders of our times to learn their strategies. Once Oprah held up Fawn’s Hard Won Wisdom and told the world how inspiring Fawn’s work was, Fawn became one of the nation’s top leadership and motivational speakers. Fawn is a four-time, Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist who has written for The Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, and The Miami Herald.
Work-Life Reset
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