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Fast Facts

• Dream job: It’s obvious. I love what I do so much — I can’t believe it is my “job.”
• Favorite “real” job: Working as a reporter for The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, right after college. All the editors had just been promoted and weren’t embroiled in nasty power struggles.
• Worst job: Food runner in the college cafeteria. That lasted for two weeks.
• Favorite television show: Grey’s Anatomy
• Favorite place to visit: Any beach
• Favorite way to travel: Bicycle
• Favorite way to spend a Saturday: Kayaking
• Greatest mentor: My mother, who suffered a paralyzing stroke at age 66 and fought so hard to live a great life. She died in 2013 at age 85 with Alzheimer’s. Despite every setback, she found her path to joy.
• Best part of my job: Writing and speaking.
• Part of my job that takes the most time: Marketing. That’s 90 percent of it.
• Worst part of my job: Too many e-mails. Hundreds and hundreds of e-mails every day
• Favorite interviewee: People always Can’t say. I’d never get another one. But I really had a good time talking to Frances McDormand, Hillary Clinton, Martina Navratilova and Margaret Cho.
• What I like to read in the sauna: Hollywood gossip (I am very highbrow)
• My life at home: Finally learning to cook! And, after all those years of kitchen flops, I’m not bad!
• Animals: Too many. One dog, three cats. I’m a sucker for a stray.
• Children: None.