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Work-life Balance Tips from the Balance Challenged

What do America’s most successful women say about work life balance rules? Read The NEW Woman Rules. They have struggled plenty as they have tried to juggle way too much and still find happiness. Do they have all the answers? Nobody does.

It’s about choices — not balance.

A few of their tips are shared here.

• It is not about balance because it’s just impossible to achieve that kind of constant equilibrium. It’s about priorities. Know what matters most, then honor it.

• Set boundaries. When you are juggling too much between home and work, evaluate your work tasks and let the things go that won’t “move the needle” of the business.

• It’s not the quantity of hours you work, but the quality of hours you put in.

• Be mindful of the 80/20 rule. You achieve most of your benefit with 80 percent of your energy. Let the rest go.

• Don’t try to turn off your heart when you are using your head, or your head when you are using your heart. Come to work with everything that you are. Be the same person at home.

• Always remember: The business will not love you back. Have a life outside the business.