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Finding the UP in the Downturn

Best-selling author Fawn Germer swings hard with a book of possibility for times of uncertainty…


While everyone else is giving in or giving up, your moment has arrived.

Whether you want to gain ground in your corporate job, have recently been laid off, or are flirting with starting a business, a downturn can be the right time to charge ahead. Bestselling author Fawn Germer shows us how the one variable we can control – ourselves — is our most powerful weapon in the battle for prosperity and success. Germer documents that now is not the time to stop, but to accelerate.

Germer’s theory:

  • Expect the worst, and you’ll get it.
  • When everyone else gives up, the window is wide open for those who don’t.
  • You can profit from a failing economy.
  • If you give yourself an inch to fail, you will fail.
  • You never know how close you are to turning the corner until you turn the corner.
  • Companies are crying out for leadership, so stand up and lead.
  • When you fall down, get back up!