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Mustang Sallies


Mustang Sallies

Best-selling Inspirational Author Fawn Germer’s Mustang Sallies

For those who don’t always run with the herd, best-selling author Fawn Germer

goes to some of the nation’s most successful leaders for insight and wisdom.

This is the women’s leadership classic showing you how to tap into your inner leader and take charge when others are pressuring you to go along to get along.


Award-winning journalist Fawn Germer has written an engaging, provocative guide for women determined to charge ahead and succeed on their own terms. Based on original interviews with more than 50 world-famous trailblazers-from Hillary Clinton to Erin Brockovich to Martina Navratilova and Susan Sarandon. Now, every woman can harness the tools to becoming a Mustang Sally: – Be comfortable with discomfort – Don’t sell out-compromise – Win arguments without making enemies – Manage the emotional challenges of leaving the herd behind – Create a sisterhood of support The world can slow a woman down, but the words of these wise mustangs hold the key to inspiration, motivation, and personal achievement.


From Publishers Weekly: Mustangs are wild, tough and agile. Mustang Sallies are too, says one-time Washington Post reporter Germer (Hard Won Wisdom). They don’t go along to get along at work, and that can bring troubles. Germer’s advice, based on her own experience and her interviews with women as diverse as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Martina Navratilova and Susan Sarandon, is: Don’t mute yourself, be bold, “take your power and use it for yourself.” Germer intersperses short chapters quoting directly from notable women she has interviewed with thematically organized chapters (“I Am What I Am”; “Choose Your Battles”; “Verbal Combat”) exploring various aspects of how to thrive as an independent-minded, outspoken, self-assured woman. Germer’s advice is specific and illuminating: for instance, “verbal sparring is normal” in the business world, she notes, with clear advice on how to engage in battle. If you’ve ever felt judged and isolated at work for being who you are, Germer’s book offers support, encouragement and strategies for coming through with your self and your goals intact.