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New Book! Work-Life Reset

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Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker Fawn Germer's Work-Life Reset

Your computer slows down. Like, waaaaay down. It’s bad.

You have no choice but to reboot.

Voila! It purrs back to life. All you did was reset, but somehow the computer dumped its baggage, cleaned out its sludge, and is now acting like a new machine.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that for yourself? Make some decisions, dump your baggage, mark a turning point, and completely reset your life?

You can. Whether you need a change in purpose, lifestyle, mindset, or heart, you have the ability to reset. You can reset your life balance, your health, your career, and your verve.

A reset is not a do-over. It’s a start-over. It’ is a conscious and deliberate choice to take charge, change paths, and do what calls your soul — giving it a good jolt. A reset.

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Reset begins and ends inside of you. You don’t need a guru, a coach, a $10,000 program, or anyone standing over you telling you how to do it.

Reset is a way to take charge of your self, whether you need to reboot your life balance, your work, your mindset, your boundaries, or your body.

You may come to this moment because you find yourself struggling with obstacles. Life may be dark, and you desperately need to see light.

Or you could be moving through  life and realize you are not fulfilled. You want more for yourself. Reset shows you how get it by committing to the change you want and then taking action to make it happen.

It may seem like you need a big, complicated answer to your big, complicated problem. But maybe the answer is really something small and simple.

You may just need to reset.

Order Work-Life RESET now!