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The Ah-Hah! Moment

The Ah-Hah! Moment

You have all the answers…

You just haven’t been asking the right questions.


We all have a story about ourselves, and usually, it’s powerful fiction.

We tell ourselves we’re too fat, too thin, too slow, too hyper, too loud, too soft, too young or too old. We tell ourselves we don’t

measure up – in relationships, at work, at home and within.


It’s all a trick we are playing on ourselves.

Happiness is within. It is free. You just have to open yourself up to it. You can spend thousands of dollars and many years in

therapy trying to figure out the roots of your insecurities and how they have affected your life, or you can dig deep and find the

answers to life’s hard questions. The answers are already inside you.

In The Ah-hah! Moment, you will do the work to mentally and physically position yourself for a peaceful, productive and fulfilled

life. Best-selling, Oprah-featured author Fawn Germer will show you how to take charge of your thoughts, re-write your negative

scripts and live a full life unencumbered by baggage.

You’ll connect with who you are and what matters most so that you honor your priorities and stop sacrificing so much of yourself

to things that don’t matter. You can spend your days loving or loathing yourself—but which is going to give you a better outcome?

How do you let go of your baggage and grab on to all of life’s potential? You answer the questions and have your Ah-hah! Moment.