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Who’s in Mustang Sallies

Mustang Sallies

Who’s in Mustang Sallies?

* Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State
* Erin Brockovich, activist
* Janet Reno,
former U.S. Attorney General
* Susan Sarandon,
Academy Award–winning actress
* Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton
* The Late Ann Richards,
former Texas Governor
* Christine Todd Whitman,
former N.J. governor
and EPA chief
* Mary Higgins Clark, author
* Cokie Roberts,
broadcaster and author
* Meg Whitman, former CEO of ebay
* Christiane Northrup,
author and physician
* Pat Mitchell,
president and CEO of PBS
* Geraldine Laybourne,
Founder and former CEO of Oxygen network
* Arianna Huffington,
author, columnist, founder of The Huffington Post
* Gail Collins, editorial page editor
of The New York Times
* Bernadine Healy,
former chief of the
American Red Cross
* Gen. Claudia Kennedy,
the U.S. Army’s first woman
three-star general
* Eve Ensler, the author of the acclaimed
Vagina Monologues
* Former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao
* Coleen Rowley,
the “FBI whistleblower”
* Pat Heim, author and consultant
* Martina Navratilova,
tennis legend
* Betsy Bernard, former president of
* Sherron Watkins,
the Enron whistleblower
* Carly Fiorina,
former CEO of Hewlett-Packard
* Sandra Bernhard,
comedian and actress
* Brett Butler, actress and comedian
* Jane Smith, former president,
Business and Professional Women
* Kathleen Carroll, executive editor
of the Associated Press
* Kim Campbell,
former prime minister of Canada
* Joan Armatrading, singer