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Consuming Jobs

Consuming jobs and careers exist, and if those feed your soul, then embrace them. Enjoy them. You are free to make that choice, and I support your freedom to work as hard and long as you want. If it’s stressful, but you enjoy the stress, then don’t change a thing. Do whatever it is that fulfills you and makes you happy — as long as you are not hurting other people.

But if you are sacrificing your most precious, perishable gift in life — time — to something that is depleting your soul and robbing you of purpose, then you need to stop right where you are, ask yourself what you are doing, and start making changes.

Every single day has the potential for joy, happiness, challenge, and greatness. You get 365 chances each year to have a great day. Even the happiest people get a few bad ones, but if you aren’t having great days most of the time, you’ve got to ask yourself why, and then ask what you are going to do about it.

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