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Leave the Party Early


There’s the world’s winningest coach who won’t leave the field until he gets fired because of a losing record. Or the guest who never leaves. There isn’t much difference. You always want to leave people wanting a little more, so timing is everything. Be conscious of it and leave the party early.

It may seem contrived or calculating, but it is the truth. If you are the last one to go, you’ve stayed too long. It is the same issue whether you are talking about leaving a party or retiring after years of service. You always gain more when people want more. So be conscious of what is going on around you.

As you age into your career, consciously make yourself relevant by learning new things and delivering better than anybody else. When you reach the point where you know you probably “should” think about moving on or retiring, you should think ask yourself three questions:

1.    Are you delivering your best performance?

2.    Is that performance enough for you to remain viable, valuable and appreciated in your current situation?

3.    Does it matter to you to leave on a high note?

If it doesn’t matter to you how you go out, then hang around as long as you want to hang around. But if that high note matters, always consider your timing.

Leave when they still want more. That’s how legends are built.

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