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Stop Micromanaging

Stop Micromanaging

If you are conducting the orchestra, you can’t go out there and play all the instruments. Why is it that so many managers try to do that with their people? A lot of us have control issues, and it can be hard letting go. You know what you can deliver. You know you can hit a home run. But, if you stock your team with good, capable people, you also have to know that it is their turn to swing the bat and define themselves. You had your chance, so stop micromanaging.

Let your people shine. As a leader, your job is to create the vision and build the buy-in and alignment to make it become real. Your job is not todo all the work. People grow when their leader serves as a teacher and listener.

They suffocate when the “leader” is an unrelenting, domineering, know-it-all boss. You do not have to make every decision, even if you know deep down that you could do it faster or better. As your control expands, so does the need for you to let go of things so others are free to define themselves in their own roles.

Which leader is better? The one who is so brilliant, insightful and incisive that she can do everything for everyone, or the leader who has the confidence that she has chosen the right people who can handle things for themselves? It was so interesting hearing the leaders I interviewed for my books tell me that they had to silence themselves like watchful parents at the sidelines while letting subordinates make the mistakes they had to make in order to grow and develop into stronger, more reliable performers. It’s hard to do that, but if you don’t, you’ll have to hover over every single employee, directing every single move in an effort that ultimately transforms your leadership into impotence.

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