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Conquering Your Huge Challenges

Conquering Your Huge Challenges

You need to lose 20 pounds. Or 40 or 60 or 100 pounds. It is so discouraging to look at a huge challenge and find the energy to begin when you know the road you are going to have to travel is long and arduous.

Then again, every journey always begins with what? The first step. (Don’t groan.) And, have you ever noticed that you almost always feel better by just taking that step? You may need to lose 50 pounds, but you feel lighter once you’ve lost the first one.

Just start.

 Yes, deciding to change your life is a big deal, but that decision does not become real until you actually take that first step.

Don’t freak yourself out by focusing on how huge and overwhelming your goal is. Focusing on losing five pounds is a lot less intimidating than focusing on the hundred pounds that have to go. And setting your mind to taking and completing one course is much less stressful than focusing on four years of classes that you need in order to get your degree.

Figure out your steps and then start moving forward. You’ll feel better when you take that first step to conquering your huge challenges — but you have got to take it.

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