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Use a Stop Prompt

Use a Stop Prompt

There is so much in life that, when you think about it, will leave you bewildered, exasperated or confused. Life provides you endless opportunities to overthink problems or situations, but you have the power to use an “instant intervention” technique that will move your thoughts right along. It’s really simple, too. Use a stop prompt.

When you catch yourself going deep on a subject that you will never fully understand or fix, just say, “STOP.” And move on to another topic.

That is what you can do when you catch yourself fixating on something that is not going to resolve itself with deep concentration or endless fretting. You always have the option to repeat some affirmations to change the subject, but a quick “STOP” jolt to the brain is often all you need to free yourself.

Say you catch yourself trying to figure out why a mean person is mean. At some point, you realize you will never get the answer, yet you continue to try to figure it out because that person has hurt you for no good reason. Try a “STOP” jolt. Or you start worrying about something you can’t control. “STOP.” Or you start obsessing about policy or politics or numbers or rules that you can’t change or control. Say “STOP.” Your brain eventually learns to respect “STOP” prompts and frees you to think about something that really deserves your attention.

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