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Jump Off the Treadmill

Jump Off The Treadmill

You can choose to measure yourself by how fast you run on your chosen life treadmill, or you can jump off the treadmill and get a little perspective. There is the career treadmill, the perfect parent treadmill, the wealth accumulation treadmill and any of the dozens of other treadmills out there that cause you to constantly push yourself to go faster and harder – even when they are burning out your soul.

In those moments when you aren’t delivering perfection on a treadmill, you may well start experiencing unnecessary feelings of failure. Life treadmills move faster and faster until the time comes when you collapse.

Ease your pace. Know that there will be times when you can run fast and hard, and times when you can’t. There will be times when you deliver a Herculean performance, and times when you don’t. There will be times when you are “all that” and times when you aren’t.

Look at your treadmills. Are they serving you well or causing you to focus too much energy on one dimension of your life while ignoring others that may be personally, physically or spiritually more important?

Don’t forget that life is invigorating when you dive into it as a big picture experience. Running hard on one treadmill often means you aren’t moving on the other ones, and the day may come when you realize you have spent your life running a million miles and gotten  nowhere at all.

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