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Tell People What You Need

Tell People What You Need

Most people want to be good friends, partners and colleagues. They don’t want to hurt you, but there will be times when they do. You may be in crisis and a close friend will completely tune out and forget. Or not know what to say. Of course you would prefer him or her to always be there to anticipate and deliver on all your needs, but human beings are fallible. They have perspectives that may  be very different from yours. Don’t set others up to disappoint you. Tell people what you need instead of grousing when they fall short.

People generally deliver what they assume they’d want in your situation. Or they think they are delivering when they are falling short.

You don’t want to jump up and down and say, “Look, I need you to do this for me!” but sometimes you have to. Some people are a little thick. For example, you may be grieving your divorce. A close friend may be nowhere in sight. You may have to call up and say, “I’m having a tough time, I need you to get me out of the house.”

Those people who can anticipate your needs are real treasures, but don’t discard those people who need a little help in being good to you. If you ask for help and don’t get it, well, that’s another matter. But, most people want to be there for you. Give them the chance to do right by you.

Don’t set them up to disappoint you. Just tell people what you need.

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