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Beloved Female Motivational Speaker Fawn Germer’s uplifting message reaches into your heart and brings out your greatness.  She teaches how to calibrate your career for maximum success, but more important, shows how to take charge of self-esteem issues so you can win big. Fawn keynotes all over the world and is so respected she was asked to speak at Harvard’s leadership conference. She is a four-time, Pulitzer nominated journalist who personally interviewed great leaders on what they learned the hard way. Oprah told the world how “very inspiring” Fawn’s work is.

 Unfortunately, the world is filled with unqualified motivational speakers who dress slick and talk pretty. Fawn Germer is the get real female motivational speaker who has substance and great delivery. She is funny, sharp, and real. She energizes your spirit, wakes you up to your untapped potential and shows you what you are doing to sabotage your success. All the while, Fawn is the female motivational speaker who makes you laugh as you re-focus your vision and dare to be daring.

 Whether she’s speaking in front of an audience of thousands, huddling with the nation’s most accomplished leaders or mentoring a new generation, Fawn unleashes the possibility that exists once we embrace our obstacles and dare to stand up and lead. In the last twelve months, this best-selling, Oprah-featured author has keynoted for Xerox, Cisco, NASA, Michaels, State Farm Insurance, The Department of Defense, Novartis, State Street Financial, The Network of Executive Women, ADP, Brown-Forman, ConAgra, the Association for Corporate Growth and many, many other major associations and corporations. Fawn is a  has personally interviewed more than 300 famous leaders and legends for their perspective on leadership and success.

Top Leadership and Work-Life Balance Speaker

Fawn’s trademark — what separates her from all the rest — is that she seeks out our most powerful and accomplished leaders and asks them to tell her about their tough times as well as their major successes. What did they learn the hard way? Her message has made her an unstoppable force in the competitive speaker market. This bestselling author has keynoted for Coca Cola, Ford Motor Co., Cisco, Microsoft, Xerox, Kraft, Novartis, ConAgra, the International Women’s Forum and many other major associations and corporations.

Best-selling Oprah Author

Fawn Germer is the best-selling author of eight books, including Hard Won Wisdom, which Oprah held up and told the world was “very inspiring.” Mustang Sallies was on top of the bestseller list within two weeks of its release. Her recent book, Pearls has sold more than any of her books and is full of mentoring insights from many of the people she has personally interviewed, including Hillary Clinton, Meg Whitman, Susan Sarandon, Martina Navratilova and many, many others. She gets their insight on leadership, work-life balance, risk-taking, self-esteem, failure and success.

Credibility. A Track Record. And, She’s FUNNY.

Most motivational speakers have just one qualification: They’re motivated. All talk, no credibility. Four-time Pulitzer nominee Fawn Germer went to the greatest leaders of our times to learn their strategies. Once Oprah held up Fawn’s Hard Won Wisdom and told the world how inspiring Fawn’s work was, Fawn became one of the nation’s top leadership and motivational speakers. Fawn is a four-time, Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist who has written for The Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, and The Miami Herald.

Work-Life Reset

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