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When Friends Let You Down: Friendship is Not a Quid Pro Quo Experience

When Friends Let You Down

Sometimes you give and give and give to your friends. And when it is your turn to get, you get nothing- that’s when friends let you down.

We’ve all had friends who has called us in a time of need. We’ve been there to listen. To offer a place to stay. To help in an emergency. We are good friends. Great friends. The kind of friend we want for the day when it is our turn to need help.

But then something happens to us and that person who needed and took so much vanishes. He or she doesn’t even call to check on us. How can someone who took so much give so little?

It is infuriating, but it is just a way of life. Friendship is not a quid pro quo experience. Even though you should be able to count on your friends to be there when you need them, they don’t always show up. Some people take more than they give. Some people can’t give at all. Should you dump them when they aren’t there for you? Maybe you should. That’s your call.

But when you start to feel down about the situation, start paying attention to the friends who are showing up. It is amazing that friends you never expected to be there for you are suddenly stepping in and helping. They are the givers.

Sometimes, you can give and give and give to one person, but when it is your turn to get, you get a real blessing from someone else. It’s not who you expected, but you suddenly found who your great, true friends are. It’s not the friend you expected, but someone even better.

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