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A Healthy Body is a Beautiful Body

A Healthy Body is a Beautiful Body

We have so much control over our self-esteem, yet most of us invite negativity to move into our brains and drag us down. Isn’t it interesting that most of our self-esteem issues are rooted in our own personal attacks on our physical appearance? We get stuck on our weight, our skin, our hair, our height, the size of our breasts, the size of our feet — whatever. Most of us look in the mirror and see room for improvement for our body. LOTS of room for improvement.

That negativity is so destructive. And it is false. You can look at the best looking woman in the room and you can just about bet that she’s said some pretty ugly things to herself today. Sure, you’d take her body or her hair or her eyes or whatever, but she sees the tiny zit on her forehead and nothing else.

If you are healthy, you have a perfect body.


If you doubt that, imagine how you would feel about your body if you suddenly were diagnosed with cancer? You’d want your old, flawed, healthy body back in an instant. You would suddenly realize how good you had it, even though you’d been beating yourself up for your imperfections despite your perfect health.

It is time to wrap yourself in a self-appreciation because negativity makes your body an unhealthy host. Negativity attract stress and illness. If your body works, it is perfect. It will let you live well and explore the world. It will let you enjoy so much.

Why not appreciate it?

Why not thank your body for getting you where you need to go? Because, a healthy body is truly a beautiful thing. Appreciate it while you have it.

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