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About that Linda J. Brown

This morning, I went for a walk on the waterfront trail near my home. It was an unusual Florida morning because the sky was dark and the wind was mighty. I am so sad that my sidekick, the indomitable, 71-year-old Linda Brown, was not with me to enjoy it.

Actually, she is in Medellin, Colombia. By herself. Traveling on her Social Security check. She does things like this. Last time, she strapped on a backpack and took off for a full year. This time, it is only five months, but that’s way too long for me.

She’s such a great soulmate. We met when I rode my bicycle in front of her house as I raced to catch up with some friends who were meeting me ten miles up the road. I told her I loved her house and we talked for a minute and, well, my life changed. She found me the realtor who found me my home that brought me to my beloved Clearwater. She is the only person I have ever known who will consistently say yes when I call at the last minute to say, “Do you want to go for a walk?” or, “You up for a trip to the beach?” or, “Wanna grab a bite?”  Her life is an adventure and I am so lucky she has included me in it.

She is fearless and ageless. My hero. This is the last person who acts seventysomething and the first person to boldly do what others wouldn’t dare. I mean, seriously. Would you have the guts to go to Medillin, Colombia by yourself? Me either. She’s loving the youth hostel and the food and the whole trip.

I check her blog constantly for an update on what she is up to. I hope you’ll check it out, too. You’ll come to love her — just like I do. Please visit .

And, if you feel like going for a last-minute walk or something, let me know. I have a lot of time on my hands now that Linda’s globetrotting again.

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  1. Hey Fawn,

    Let´s go for a walk – down to the Zona Rosa for some Juan Valdez Colombian coffee, or up some mountainside around this valley city. There´s no waterfront here, but there will be in my next destination. There´s a beachfront park above Santa Marta where one can sleep in hammocks under the trees beside the beach. However, it´s an hour-and-a-half walk to that spot so I may not do it after all. But, there´s a lot of accessible beach in Santa Marta, right on the Caribbean.

    My dear, I beg to differ on one point in your otherwise beautiful and complimentary blog. I am NOT yet 72! You have upgraded me long before my time. In actuality, I am only 71 and 3.5 months. Still young and spring-chickenish.

    Love, your buddy, Linda

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