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I don’t know why it happened, but what I am about to tell you is something very disappointing in my life: My username at was de-activated, and it’s been almost six months since I have been able to tweak the arch-conservatives who so predictably spout off their ignorance.

Like, when polls show Obama up, they always write that polls are meaningless and that they are foisted upon us by the mainstream media as a means of forcing the outcome of the election. If McCain is up, they cheer these same pollsters, saying that McCain is doing a fabulous job and hailing Joe the plumber. If McCain goes back down,  what do you expect? It’s all a part of the plot. Every single failing of the Bush Administration is the fault of the Democrats. Every one of them.

Yes, that is allegedly the home to the compassionate conservatives. When Bill Clinton went into heart surgery, they mocked him and wished him dead. Real compassionate. You should have seen their glee over Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor.

Here is what was posted about Obama going to visit his sick grandmother:

“You can yell at me if you want, but I am cynical enough about this guy that I suspect he’s going to milk his sick grandmother for all the sympathy votes he can scrounge up. I’m wondering if this sick grandmother is going to die two days before the election.”

 “Suddenly ill just 3 weeks before the election. Hmmm. Color me skeptical. Maybe she started to talk about the missing birth certificate and somebody shoved something down her throat…”

“Her death would bring him an additional 3% points.”

 Really nice, compassionate people.

You can look at the actual video of news stories where people are quoted in context, but these folks on the website will misquote it and slam it- and call anyone who defends the truth a dumbass.

So, I’d just get on and jab them a little, just to annoy them. Like asking how Christian they were being while wishing people dead. Little remarks like that.

At some point, that website apparently decided I didn’t belong anymore. I’ve communicated with the webmaster several times and have not gotten an explanation.  Could it be that the banner-carrier for the right wing is actually censoring me? I actually find it a little humorous because they can’t take a little ribbing. And forget their belief in the First Amendment.

Whatever.  I’ve got to go read the Huffington Post now.

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