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Bad news and my broken heart.

I just got back from the vet’s office and it looks like my guy Vinny has lung cancer. I have no idea why I am sitting here writing, except that I am so stunned and pained and, well, I am sitting here writing. With Vinny sleeping on his bed next to me, surrounded by his babies.

The doctor said it is either lung cancer or a serious fungus in his lungs. The fungus is the unlikely option and, depending on which kind, is likely just as bad to treat as the cancer. What I know is, I have a very sick dog.

I was raised in a home with no pets. I got my first dog within days of getting my first apartment, and since my Irish Setter Sean, I’ve had two Golden Retrievers, a Sheepdog mix, and Vinny — my Pit-Chow mix. I still have one of the Goldens — Reggie — who is 12 years old and an Olympic swimmer. He does two hours of laps in the pool every day. Like it’s nothing.

So Reggie is 12 and Vinny is 10. I never thought Vinny would leave me first. I was not ready for news like this. I can’t even process the possibility, although the vet said that it is likely we are not talking much time here. Maybe a month.

download over the top free I owe this dog a lot. He has taken good care of me. And now, I will take care of him. When the vet was talking about the available treatments, I told him that my first consideration will be taking care of Vinny in a way that minimizes all suffering. I will not hold on to him for my own sake and let him suffer. He’s given too much to me, and it is now my turn to return the favor.

When I came home, I helped Vinny into my bed and cuddled him as I cried. He has made me happy for almost ten years. I have been so lucky to have him. I just can’t imagine life without him.

Fawn Germer is the best-selling author of four books and speaks to corporations and organizations about courages and creative leadership strategies.

  1. oh Vinnie with the Mohawk who I have spoken to many times over the phone. I will miss you too. Fawn without Vinnie. Hard to imagine. Much love.

  2. Vinny and his babies, along with his duties with the scientologists will always make me smile.

  3. Vinny has more personality in one of his pads than most people have in their entire bodies. When the two of you had your chance encounter on Florida Avenue almost ten years back, it truly was meant to be. I feel blessed to know Vinny also, for he has provided me with many hours of entertainment. Fawn, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Vinny at this critical time.

  4. Oh Fawn, I’m so sorry. Seems like I just travelled that path with Buddy. God bless sweet Vinny, and you.

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