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Do a values check

If you buy into the notion that these tough times present the greatest opportunity for you to stand up and lead, take a deep breath and center yourself. Before you devise your vision of what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, check in with yourself.

Your core values will define your path. Many a great leader has veered off course at some point by doing what he or she thought was is expected and selling out a little bit of idealism or a smidge of integrity – only to find that the final reward was anxiety, frustration and self-loathing. Some people make that error and do an immediate course correction to honor their values. Others keep racing off in the wrong direction. That approach does not work if you hope to emerge from your career with your soul fully intact. It might help your career, but eventually, you will pay a psychic price. Integrity is worth too much to compromise.

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So, always ground yourself with your values so you know what you expect of yourself before you expect anything of others. Those gut checks keep you honest and project trustworthiness. They also make it a lot easier to make decisions and take action. You know your boundaries and beliefs. Honor them.

Begin by getting perspective of what you are fighting for. I remember my first job on a daily newspaper – the then tiny Bradenton (Fla.) Herald. The politics were fierce, and as nasty as they come. I am not kidding. I accidently found out that one editor was wire-tapping another one – in an effort to become king of the tiny Bradenton Herald!

It is amazing what people will do to win in situations that are so small and meaningless.

Before I explain the steps you can take to let your full leader emerge from within, remember who you are and what really matters. I keep thinking about those nasty people at The Herald. What did they win? Nothing.

Know that you are moving forward with integrity and fighting battles that count.

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