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Don’t Set Others Up to Disappoint You

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It is so easy to make assumptions about others that are 100 percent wrong. Somebody doesn’t call you back, so you assume you’ve been dissed.

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe the person forgot. Lost your phone number. Is in a deep depression. Maybe he or she went on a vacation. Meant to call but didn’t get around to it. Maybe he or she is ill. Or has a family member who is ill. Or moved. Maybe he or she changed numbers and never got the message. The list of real excuses can (and does) go on and on.

How hard is it to ask someone what’s up? Be direct instead of assuming you’ve been slighted.

The same thing goes when someone is disappointing you. You are going through a tough time and you expect your friends to anticipate your needs and deliver — just like you have always done for them. Yet, your needs aren’t always obvious to others — even close friends.

Don’t set others up to disappoint you. Let them know what you need.

You might mention you have a medical or family concern and your friend may completely forget to follow-up and ask about it. This is a world filled with people with short attention spans.

Do you remember everything that everybody tells you? Good for you! Most people don’t. Remind them instead of being resentful over their forgetfulness.

If you directly ask “What’s up?” and it happens again, you can start getting resentful. But always the other person the opportunity to set things straight.

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