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Enjoying the Downturn

In 2000, I was a starving author. Well, not quite starving. But, I had no job, no publisher, and no clear path ahead of me. I knew I needed to save every penny.

But, I wanted a kayak and it cost $800. I knew better. But, I wanted to go kayaking. Dipping into my dwindling savings was risky and foolish. I remember thinking, “Yeah, but you are never going to have this much time off to enjoy that kayak.” So, I spent the money and had a great time kayaking. It was one of the best investments I ever made.

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I know many of you are holding on tight to every single penny, and that is probably wise. But, the tighter you cling to those last pennies, the harder it is experience life in the moment. I am NOT telling you to go out and blow whatever money you have left, but I am telling you that you should not sacrifice this year or any other year to being miserable. Find ways to live and enjoy yourself. If work has slowed down, do everything you can to generate more business — but also get out there and enjoy your life.

Last month, I learned that two of my friends had died. One was 48 and the other was 63. It is a reminder that we aren’t here on this earth forever. We should enjoy all that we have right now. Not later. We don’t know what is coming.

Yes, I bought that kayak when I should have been saving every cent, but I had dozens of great adventures that year. And, it is a good thing I did. Things turned around and I didn’t have as much time to play as I did when things were rough.

Enjoy yourself. Nature is free. Live large.

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