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Getting a job in 2009? Here are a few tips…

467828530_xtj2e-oI just had lunch with two senior executives from different companies. One has a mid-level position to fill, and she asked the other one if he knew anybody she should interview.

“It’s not what you know, but who.” You know why that is a cliche? BECAUSE IT IS TRUE. I asked both of these people whether they post openings on or the other online job search resources and both said no. NEVER.

“I don’t want 8,000 resumes from people who aren’t qualified,” said the one with the job opening.

“I am sick of getting applications from people who won’t even take the time to write a cover letter,” said the other.

Instead, they ask each other and they ask their peers. You might wonder how you will be able to get yourself a job if you don’t already have the right people in your network and the answer is this: Go make some new friends. It is not hard to network. Most people are good people and they like to help others. So, you have a few options. Join groups where people of influence are in attendance. Attend events where they may be mingling and do the proper schmoozing and follow-up. Or, write them good letters (do not send your resume) asking for 15-minute appointments where you can stop by, introduce yourself and pick their brain on what you might do to find work in this climate.

The truth is, there are jobs out there. Not many, but there are some. Do not let yourself get lost in the pile of disregarded resumes and applications. Find your way into the contact lists of people who can help you to get where you need to go.

If you are attending a party, try to know in advance who will be attending. If you are uncomfortable talking to strangers, do a little research and find some background information on subjects you might discuss together. Ask if you might schedule a lunch appointment.

Regardless, follow through. Maintain an occasional e-mail relationship and turn that acquaintance into an alliance.

If you need to know the right people, get to know them.

Fawn Germer is the bestselling author of four books. Her fifth book, “Finding the UP in the Downturn” will be published in March.

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