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Good news for Scott.

I remember my friend Marilyn urging her husband Scott to chill out for a minute and go play golf. He’d just been laid off and was so intense about his job hunt that she worried his health would suffer.

His determination paid off with a job near Dallas that will pay him more money in an area where the cost of living is 35 percent less. Basically, he got laid off then traded up. Not only that, he had his choice of three jobs across the country.

Good for him, bad for me. I’ll miss Marilyn more than I can say. But, I am just so happy to have heard some good news when I keep hearing about more and more layoffs.

I know people who aren’t out there aggressively pounding the pavement because they think there isn’t anything out there. There ARE jobs out there. They are just harder to get. Make it your mission. Do what Scott did. Make it your job to find your new job.

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