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I. Want. To. Win.

My first book was released the day before 9/11. Days later, my publisher decided to cancel my book tour — along with all the other author tours. Since your book only has three months to take off or die, I had to do something.

The tour I created for myself is now legendary. It involved a rented Ford Escort that I drove to every city where I had friends who would put me up for the night. I’d go to bookstores and accost customers until they agreed to buy my book. I wouldn’t leave the store until I had sold every copy. I wrote my 29 letters to Oprah, and something worked. After Oprah featured Hard Won Wisdom, it got a whole lot easier to sell the book — and myself.

thou shalt not kill except free download I learned something in that experience that will get me through this downturn. It also might help you. When you find yourself up against the wall of adversity, you have to make up your mind to get over it. You have to say (out loud), “I WANT TO WIN.” That was hard for me, because I was afraid to say it out loud. What if I failed? But, you have to put it out there. Ask friends for help. And work, work, work, work. That is what it takes.

It is quite easy to become discouraged by the never-ending doom and gloom out there. I see frustration, hopelessness and despair in the eyes of so many people in my audiences, and I tell them to take a deep breath. Let that negativity go. Make up your mind that you will get through this, no matter what. If you believe you will find light in this very dark experience, I promise you, you will find light. If you decide to win, you will win.

Most of us have been slapped by our new economic reality. I had a couple of speeches fall through, and that was discouraging. But, I knew that I could get more business if I got my act together, wrote the book on transcending adversity and then marketed myself in a different way. Remember: Be flexible. Be agile. Times have changed, so change your strategy!

My formula has three parts: 1) The Law of Attraction, which says that thoughts become reality. If you think you will struggle, you will struggle. If you know you will win, you will win. 2) Prayer. Why go it alone? 3) Hard, hard work. Do not ever use adversity as an excuse to slow down or quit. This is the time when you must accelerate your performance and deliver.

I’m working harder than I have ever worked. And, guess what? I am having a great time. I’m learning that I am tough and resourceful. I feel terrific, because I am growing. I feel it. I see it. This is a great defining moment for me. It can be that kind of moment for you.

Make the decision to win. Say it out loud. Come up with a plan. I promise you, there is success to be had, but not if you are doing business the way you have always done it. What will it take for you to create success out of this crumbling economy? What do you have to offer that no one else can? How can you be first to market what you have? Get out of the bunker and start fighting for your win. Seriously, you will make it through this if you keep your head in check.

Take a deep breath. We got through last year, we will get through this year. The question is, will you be a victim or a warrior? I’m a warrior. I want to win.

Fawn Germer is the best-selling author of four books. Her fifth book, “Finding the UP in the Downturn” will be released this spring by Newhouse Books. She speaks internationally to corporations and organizations that want more courageous and creative performance.

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