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It all comes down to you…

If you aren’t doing what you really want to be doing, it’s because you really don’t want to do it.

Okay, stop. I know that about half of you out there are about to slide into the big snooze because you’ve tired of over-simplistic generalizations that put the responsibility for your success, mediocrity or failure squarely in your own lap.

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There is so much in life that you can’t control, right? And, maybe there is a reason that you do not fall into my over-simplistic generalization. Maybe there is something else to blame. There are a few valid excuses out there, aren’t there?

Yes. But, not many. sciatica treatment human growth hormone

I am my greatest obstacle, and you are yours.

But, we are also our greatest assets.

Once we commit to accomplishing something, we can do it. But, it takes vision and, perhaps more than anything, commitment. The commitment gets you started and keeps you moving once the obstacles pop up.

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The world is filled with success stories from visionaries who saw possibility and lived it. We hear these stories all the time, of people who started poor and wound up rich, people who couldn’t speak a word of English but wound up running major corporations…

Sometimes those examples seem so remote, like fodder for Reader’s Digest or USA Today or Forbes, but those things always happen to other people. People who seem to have some sort of special success gene that must have been implanted by aliens.

But, you know there is no secret success gene.

You want something, you can manifest it.

You dream something, you can live it.

You just have to see it, commit to it, and work like hell to make it real.

Fawn Germer is the best-selling author of four books and speaks to corporations and organizations about courages and creative leadership strategies.

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