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It makes me want to vent…

I’ve been so disgusted by some of that mob behavior I’ve been seeing on television at political events. We are better than that. Then again, trying to simultaneously paint someone as a terrorist and a socialist is bound to stir up the masses who are looking for a place to vent their anger.

I would like to vent, too. But I am trying to keep my emotions in check. It is getting very hard.

My best friend’s home was burgled two weeks ago and everything was stolen. She can’t get an insurance adjuster to even return her calls. She lives in a nice neighborhood in St. Petersburg where there have been more than 20 burglaries in the last six months. I want to vent about that.

The new tenant I carefully vetted before renting to her bounced one rent check (and has yet to cover it) and was three weeks late with another rent check. Since we are now eleven days from the first of the month, let’s see what the odds are that she will cover the bad check and be on time for November. I want to vet about that.  

The investor who bought the home in front of me sacrificed his house to foreclosure. Granted, he over-leveraged the home – put $150,000 in improvements in it when he bought it, but took so much out of it with equity lines as the market value climbed that he pocketed almost $250,000 for the house he actually lives in. He lost the investment home months ago. I saw him there one week ago, digging out the landscaping for himself. I guess he figures the bank won’t notice.  I want to vent about that, too.

It’s all starting to wear on us. Those of us who pay our bills and don’t over-extend ourselves are the ones getting nailed by having to bail out those whose bad judgment or greed left them unable to pay their bills. It grates on me that I’ll be bailing out people who are living in homes nicer than mine that they couldn’t afford.

I’m afraid that tough times are going to make us lose faith in each other.  

All these burglaries? The police shrug. Bad economy, more crime.

Bounced rent checks? I know. Bad economy. Inflation. Money is tight.

An educated man coming to dig up plants from a yard that is no longer his? Well, that says a lot.

It makes me want to vent.

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