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It’s Sam’s book buying day…

And every author knows it is a big deal to make sure that anyone who wants to buy the book, buys it on the same day. That’s how bestsellers are born.

This time, Sam Horn is teaching how to pitch and brand yourself. Here’s a little from Sam’s press release:

Discover why branding guru Seth Godin (Tribes) calls Sam’s Horn’s POP! Process “revolutionary” and how it can help you generate instant intrigue in what you have to say and sell. You don’t need an MBA or a multimillion-dollar budget to create attention-grabbing elevator speeches, POP-off-the-shelf products, stop-em-in-their-tracks ad campaigns, and memorable marketing messages. All you need is this anyone-can-do-this approach for making your communication Purposeful, Original, Pithy. You’ll learn:

The W9 Form: nine questions to crystallize a profitable purpose and stay on brand
The Eureka Moment: how to create the Next New Thing by being first-to-market
Contra-Brand: fly in the face of conventional wisdom by doing the opposite vs. the obvious
Tell-and-Sell Elevator Speech: innovative ways to answer the question, “What do you do?”
Muse It or Lose It: why it’s imperative to “Ink It When You Think It”
Half-and-Half Names: the best way to corner a niche is to coin your own word (i.e., Diabesity)
Get a Smile, Get a Sale: the more people laugh, the more they buy
The Eyebrow Test: the secret to having people at hello in the first 30 seconds

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