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Knowing when to quit

Life is complicated, and what works for you might not work for me. When you find yourself at one of those life test points and feel your commitment to your goal starting to wane, you have to honor yourself. If you decide to persevere, do it because it is best for you. The same rule applies if you decide to quit. Don’t give too much power away, worrying about what people will think if you quit, or ultimately “fail.” These tests are all about what you learn in the process, not what you gain in the end.

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People use their power in different ways. I don’t judge those who quit, but I do applaud those who quit a challenge because it is the right option, not the easy option. Use the moment to build strength and character, not sacrifice it.

There are occasions where our greatest growth comes from making the hard decision to cut losses and move on. Let’s say you launch a business and quickly start losing money. Time passes and you lose more money. It continues like that until you realize the hemorrhage won’t stop until you either shut down or file bankruptcy. You prove nothing by sticking with an obvious loser. The boldest option is quitting before you are completely sucked under. But, get the information you need to know that your decision is made from the power of information and insight, not fear.

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