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Save your dying business

One of my closest friends is a home renovation craftsman whose work is his art. He’s incredible. His tile jobs are gorgeous. So, he’s always been busy. One job led to another, then another, and another — until now. I knew the reality of today’s economy the day he mentioned he’d just finished watching Tyra.

He’s having to do something that many of the most successful people in their fields have not had to do for years. He’s got to market himself.

His stream of business was so dependable that he has never even had a business card. Now, he needs business cards. He needs flyers. He needs a website. He took it for granted that the good times would not end, so he doesn’t have a single picture of the magnificent rennovations he’s done. Now, he’s got to go back to his clients and ask to take some photos. But, he is going to do it. He knows that he has got to push himself back into the game because, if he waits for business to come to him, he’s going to continue waiting around and watching Tyra.

This is a lesson that millions of Americans are learning today. The things that used to work aren’t working anymore. You’ve got to sell yourself and prove yourself all over again. While that is very unsettling, it is at least comforting to know that you can climb out of stagnation by taking action. If your work used to sell itself, imagine what you will be able to accomplish if you push hard to sell it. Just figure out how and where to market yourself, then push through your inertia. Just do something every day to get started, then let your business fly.

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It sure beats staying home and watching Tyra.

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