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Seizing the moment, despite a lousy economy

Fannie! Freddie! AIG! Bear Stearns! Wall Street! Gas! Oil! Lord!

There’s no hiding the ugly truth about The Way Things Are these days. Things are terrible. Look at all those indicators. Inflation. Unemployment. Income…

Forgive my absolute optimism here. I know that times have never been tougher for most Americans. I get it. I got a $396 electric bill today, plus a $460 health insurance bill and a $130 water bill and I’m paying so much in property taxes, homeowners and auto insurance that it now costs me almost $3,000 a month just to breathe. That’s without housing, food, entertainment, necessities, splurges or anything else. Three grand a month just to be insured and air conditioned.

I could go on and on and on about it, but I don’t because that everyone else is buying into that negativity loop. They are making a big mistake by  constantly worrying about what’s wrong. Instead of harping on it, I figure I’d better make sure I make a lot of money this year.

What happens when one day of bad news is replaced by another day of even worse news? We become psychologically beleaguered, depression sets in, we start to expect the worse and we can’t help but give up.

You can look at almost any group of sales people to see this. Once they believe things won’t sell, guess what? They won’t sell! primeval dvdrip download But, let’s say you work in a pool of twenty salespeople. Your 19 co-workers have all given up and spend more time thinking of excuses to explain their bad numbers than they spend out there tearing things up to turn things around. You can be in a bad economy and a very flat economy where nothing seems to be selling. But, somebody is closing deals. Somebody is doing something. You just have to make up your mind that, if somebody is going to succeed, it is going to be you.

Tomorrow: The window is OPEN. It’s your moment.

Fawn Germer is the best-selling author of four books, including an Oprah pick. She speaks to corporations and organizations on courageous and creative leadership strategies taken from her interviews with the best-known leaders of our times.

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  1. Right on, Fawn! And Progress Energy wants to increase our bills. We’re going to have a Progress Energy audit, because I checked with the a/c company we use, and they suggested that they will pay a portion of the audit and a portion of the work to be done. A/c ducts need to be checked to make sure you’re not air-conditioning your attic. An acquaintance had his a/c ducts repaired and cleaned, and told me he was saving around $200/month. It’s worth checking out!
    As you know, real estate could be all gloom and doom right now. Many Realtors have second jobs or have quit. I keep plugging along and have had a fairly successful year so far. It is all about seizing opportunity and doing your best every transaction. I am getting referrals for listings and Buyers because my clients know I’m doing my best every time.

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