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Staying ahead in a world that changes every second

You can either take advantage of the opportunities that change brings, or stand there, helpless, as others tell you what you have to do. Either look ahead and adapt, or keep waiting for things to go back to the way they were. Your choice. One way, you win. The other way, you lose. It is that simple.

It is always best to be prepared for change so you can master it, rather than find yourself standing there waiting for an announcement that will leave you surprised and guessing. You will do yourself an enormous favor by pro-actively checking in with different resources that will help you to know what is coming in the days ahead. Be sure to monitor every source of news that will give you the advantage of being fully prepared when change occurs.


Technology. It changes by the day, so don’t let it surprise you. Make a deliberate effort to learn how technology will change in your industry – long before it happens. You should always know what is going to happen that will change the way you do business. That way you can be the first to successfully use the technology.


Trends.  Know your industry. If competing organizations are shaking things up and getting positive results, you can bet the trend is going to move in your direction. Watch your trade magazines and the websites for your industry’s professional groups. Know what is happening and who is driving the change.


Committees and task forces. This is the place to know what senior leaders are considering – and give you a chance to have input. If you have a chance to volunteer for an assignment to a special committee, take it!


Gossip. Listen to what people are saying. Devise an informal system for rating the credibility of your sources. Just because somebody is wrong 80 percent of the time it doesn’t mean you ignore them. They may well have the most important piece of news right. Just listen, don’t repeat. It does not help your image to be known as a big gossip.


Stockholder news. If your company’s stock is publicly traded, buy at least one share! Then, go to the annual shareholder meeting and read the reports you get. It is amazing what you’ll learn through presentations and the networking opportunities.  


So many variables affect your work.  Everything from office politics to the price of gas can force you to change the way you do business. We can stubbornly bury your feet your old comfort zones, or you can make a mind shift. Change is so ever-present in this world. Accept it. Grow up about it. Stop whining. You may have enjoyed your comfort zone back when things moved slower , but things don’t move slow any longer.

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