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Stop Being So Quick to Judge

Stop being so quick to judge

You’ve heard how important it is not to judge a book by its cover, yet all of us do it all the time. You see something that doesn’t fit with your concept of acceptability and give it a label. You can judge others by gender, weight, height, race, sexual orientation, friends, class, education, title, teeth, financial holdings. You can judge someone by the car he or she drives, hair color, home, neighborhood, relatives, political affiliation, favorite television shows, domestic abilities, and so much more. What good does that do you? Stop being so quick to judge!

Sometimes, you let your judgment completely color (and taint) your perspective on someone who doesn’t meet your standards. You don’t like the person, so you don’t listen to the person. Granted, there are people you aren’t going to want to hang with, but there is usually something in every person that you can learn from or enjoy. Before you judge so severely that you write someone off, open your heart and look for the good.

True, there are some people who live lives that are completely without merit – but there aren’t a lot of them.

We all judge, but we should not judge too harshly.

Judgment is a barrier to connection and communication. You may be missing out on good people – or, at least, different perspectives that may be of value. When you step outside of yourself and look at who and how you are judging, you may have to take a minute to judge yourself and ask if your judgments are adding depth to your life or taking meaning away.

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