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Stung by the economy? Here’s what to do…

The bailout vote blew me away today. Unbelievable. We aren’t just watching history — we’re making it. Individually, the decisions we make will affect our futures and shape the economy for others around us. I am as shocked as you are.

What should you do? Pay attention to the news. Digest it. Talk to people. Figure out what you are going to do.

Then, go to work. The only thing that will get America through this kind of crisis is that old American work ethic that our parents and grandparents had. If we step back and look at the world we have created for ourselves, we have to admit we’ve turned into a bunch of spoiled softies. What got us in this mess? People spent more than they could afford, and the fat cats were only too happy to exploit that excess.

I have talked to so many people in the last week who are so beaten down by all of this bad news and so sure that they will suffer the consequences of our economy. My advice to them — and you — is that you do two things:

1. Stay informed of the news so you can make the proper financial decisions.

2. Compartmentalize the negativity and confidently accelerate your own performance so you are one of the winners who succeeds in this environment.

Remember, America is still open for business. Most people are feeling fear and negativity and defeat. This is a moment when you can charge forward with confidence, positive energy and a commitment to win. All you have to do is remember that the world has not ended.

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