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The Cancer is Back, And There is Life…

deanne-robertsI just read the health update posted for Deanne Roberts, a community leader and businesswoman in Tampa that I have long-admired. I can’t tell you how much it hurt to read, “Since learning last month that my original cancer metastasized to the lungs…”

I’d thought she’d made it to the other side of cancer, but cancer rarely behaves as expected.

Deanne (pictured right) described a new regiment of chemo — three days in a row, every three weeks — that hopefully will send the cancer back into remission.

From her home in Maine, she writes, “I’m wrapping my mind around the fact that my life will be shorter than I always thought. Yet, two old friends from Tampa recently succumbed to unexpected, quick heart attacks so who EVER knows about these things?”

Who ever does? I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I have had with people who are, financially, driving on fumes. They are down to the last eighth of a tank in their savings account, wondering what is going to happen when they spend that last dollar. It seems so hopeless. But then I read what Deanne wrote and it hit me that all any of us can do is LIVE. Find life and joy in our days, regardless of the challenges we face. Besides, I guarantee you that any life challenge is minimal compared to a re-occurrence of cancer that has moved into the lungs.  

Deanne writes that, since she needs to gain weight, she’s chowing down on ribs, brownies and ice cream.  She’s seeing friends and family who are getting her through these challenges.  She finishes by saying, “Thanks for being part of my journey. I am at peace in a place I love.”

Faced with what is ahead of her, she still radiates light, strength and perspective. She has learned that all she can do is live her life — whatever that life may be. The challenge is the same whether you are facing terminal cancer or financial problems. LIVE, regardless. Connect to the people you love. Don’t surrender to the negative. Hang onto hope.

God bless Deanne Roberts.

Fawn Germer is the best-selling author of five books and an international corporate speaker focused on leadership and performance.

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