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The leap.

I hate those books that seem like they were written by used car salesmen who have the secret formula for magic self esteem, and unbridled success and wealth. I hate speakers who do that, as well. So when I talk about how thoughts determine results, realize the message is coming from a recovered cynic who spent her first career in the newsroom as a hard-bitten reporter.

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After I left journalism and decompressed a few years, I encountered others who manifested unthinkable success with an attitude shift that could only have been made because of their self confidence and fearlessness. They  believed they could achieve greatness, so they did.

I remember asking Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams what separates someone who is ordinary from someone who is extraordinary. “The belief that she’s ordinary,” said Williams, who won the Nobel for leading the crusade against land mines. There is so much power and truth in that concept. You are what your mind says you are. Your mind says what you tell it to say.

The biggest step in this process is the buy-in – that decision to stop rolling your eyes and leave disbelief and skepticism behind.

You can find hundreds of books telling you how to manifest great success and wealth if you just believe you can. Unfortunately, most of those books are shallow and cheesy, and ignore the fact that we are feeling, human creatures who unconsciously limit ourselves because we are afraid to dream big, try hard and possibly fail.

Cynicism is deadly to visionaries. It kills the optimism needed to embrace possibility. Why sit at the sidelines ridiculing a dream or a dreamer’s naiveté instead of tapping into that same hope and positive energy to create your own dream? Cynicism is, perhaps, the greatest obstacle standing between you and unbridled self-confidence. Negative people get negative results, so make the conscious decision to stop being negative.

That’s today’s assignment. It’s the first step to extraordinary success in difficult times.


Fawn Germer is the best-selling author of four books, including an Oprah pick. She speaks to corporations and organizations on courageous and creative leadership strategies taken from her interviews with the best-known leaders of our times.

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