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The Measure of a Winner

He’s 46 years old. Handsome. Educated. Original. Politically astute. Brilliant.

And, underemployed.

I’m at lunch with someone I’ve known for almost a decade, and once again, I am hearing him express disappointment that he hasn’t accomplished more with his life. He has tried so hard for so many years to get a great job, but it hasn’t happened. He’s working for $9.75 an hour in retail, in a job with no benefits and no future.

Everything he says about himself is negative. He’s too old to compete. His friends have accomplished so much. He’s “never done anything” with his life.

It makes me so sad, because I know how hard this guy has tried. He’s been trying for years. Always sending out more resumes, but never getting the big break he needs.

I suggest he work harder at networking, but he’s truly shy and I know that he won’t. I know his introversion costs him plenty in the job market, because people hire people they know. It’s the American way. It’s reality. But, he doesn’t mingle.

So, he keeps sending in applications, and he keeps waiting.

Maybe he’s not a superstar on Wall Street. Maybe he struggles to make it from paycheck to paycheck. Does that mean he is any less than those who have “made it”?  I wish he would ease up on himself because, as far as human beings go, he is one of the best. He is a true friend. An independent thinker. A good son. A charitable person. A giver.

And yet, he feels inadequate. The only thing that is inadequate is his paycheck. I wish some company would realize what a gem he is and reward him with a fabulous opportunity, but until that happens, he needs to lighten up on himself and realize what he has achieved in his time here. Seriously, how many people go through life thoroughly and unconditionally loved and adored by their families? How many people get the truest friends because they are the truest friends? How many people live lives of righteous goodness, where they naturally help and comfort others?

He’s one of a kind, and that makes him a winner. I just wish he would see it.

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  1. It’s not about the money!!! I don’t know how so many people get the notion that it is. It’s about the experience we have down here while we are living on this earth. Your friend sounds like a winner to me.

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