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There’s a new boy in the house.

Vinny died fifteen days ago and it was like all the air had been sucked out of my home. My Golden Retriever and I pretended to be good troopers, but Reggie and I were lost without our pal.

I couldn’t help but look for another dog. Not a replacement, because there is no replacing Vinny. But, we needed a place to put the love we’d given before. I just want you to meet the new guy. Name is yet to be determined. Maybe Eddie or Junior or Rudy or Hoss or Joe or Louie. I have no idea. But, this sweet boy came out of a rescue from death row at Polk County Animal Control.

I went to animal control with my new friend, Art Fyvolent, who runs Pit Positive, a Pit Bull rescue with his lovely wife, Lisa. They have taken on the mission of teaching the public that Pit Bulls are not all their reputation cracks them up to be. I know that, because Vinny was half pit. I would never have adopted a Pit Bull, but I found Vinny living on the streets. He was the most gentle, loving boy in the world. Nothing like his Pit/Chow mix would suggest. The only time he ever showed any aggression was when he growled at a very scary man who came to fix my dishwasher. And, I was really glad he did it.

Animal Control was one of the most traumatic experiences I have ever been through. Hundreds of dogs, almost all of whom will be killed within a week or two, begged me for any attention. There was everything from beautiful, purebred dogs to fantastic mutts. I can’t believe people buy dogs when these perfectly wonderful dogs need homes so desperately.

I couldn’t decide. I’d visited Eddie/Junior/Rudy/Hoss/Joe/Louie at Art’s home three times this week, and I wanted this Pit Bull mix because there was something in his eyes that told him he was mine. I’m so happy I could give him a home.

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Reggie welcomed him with open paws. We are smiling again.

Still, I am worried about all the other dogs I couldn’t bring home. It’s unthinkably sad.

  1. Oh I love that boy! I am so happy you guys do too! Its a double triple whammy, thanks so much for giving him a home- he is an angel, whatever his name shall be. I once knew a guy named Angel….



  2. We are thrilled that you found your new love. He is an unbelievable dog- and I knew it from the moment I looked into his eyes. He’s sweet, gentle and loving – and just wants to be part of a family. We are so happy that he has found that family with you.

    As Fawn mentioned there are so many lovely dogs that need loving homes, hundreds of thousands of them would not be an exaggeration. For any of your readers who are considering adopting an animal, please go to a shelter, find a great pet and adopt.

    If I may get on my soapbox for one sentence – the only way to stop this shelter madness is to encourage span neuter and reduce the number of litters that grow up and end up being killed in shelters.

    If you are looking for one of the smartest, most loyal and loving dogs of all breeds, please consider a pit bull. The media has hyped these dogs into something they are not. If you don’t know, Petey, the dog from the Little Rascals was a pit bull. Ask a pit bull owner and they will tell you that they would have no other breed of dog. We have 3 – they are awesome.

    Again, Fawn, thank you for coming into our lives and sharing the adoption with us. and take care of our little boy – we know where you live!

    Art Fyvolent ( and
    Lisa Presnail (

    PS – Brock says hello

  3. Yeah for you girls! He looks like a love machine! And what a great story…he’s a very lucky boy. Why does he look like a Buster?

  4. Fawn

    Congratulations…. looks like he is a beauty. Glad you saved him from that death row sentence.


  5. Fawn, what a good looking guy! Nice “happy go lucky” face. We look forward to meeting him.
    Kim and Kathy

  6. Hello Mister Sweet Face Puppy! You’ve charmed the right lady, pal. She’ll take superb care of you and love you like a rock star.

    I can’t understand why families insist on having pedigreed puppies bred just for them when there are thousands and thousands and thousands of wonderful rescue dogs who would make such fine companions and loyal guardians.

    No-kill shelters are the ONLY way to go.

  7. AWW!

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