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These are the good old days. Hang in there.

447369690_angelsfriends-xmas491-bwWhen I was in my late 30s, I lamented how time was flying too quickly.  One of my friends — who was in his fifties — told me that it would only fly faster.

“Your forties only last about fifteen minutes,” he said.

He was so right. I just turned 40 a day or two ago, and now I am 48. How did this happen?

The point is, next year I will be 49. The year after that, I will be 50. It doesn’t matter how good or bad times are, I am going to get older every single day. I had better enjoy these times, regardless.

It is so easy to fall into a depressive funk because times are so very, very hard . But, put a little joy in your days. You will never be this young again. How many years are you going to sacrifice to worry, struggle and fear? There is no question that these are not the best of times if you look at people’s bank accounts or credit ratings. Plans for long-term security have been shot. I know that some of you are wondering how you will make your bills this month, but have faith. You will get through this. You will. One day at a time, you will make it.

But, are you going to endure these tough years or are you going to live them? Because you get one chance at this life.

How can you find happiness when you feel like you are being pulled under? Remember the things that you love most. Your family. Your pets. The beach or the mountains, art or music — whatever it is that brings you joy in good times can bring you joy when things are hard. Take some time to write down a list of the ten best things in your life that are free, and use that list to help you find love and joy and life — no matter what else might be going wrong.

I’ve got my list: 1. God 2. Family 3. My dogs and cats 4. Friends 5. Kayaking in the Gulf 6. Walking in Clearwater and Dunedin 7. Writing 8. Sunsets over the Gulf 9. Cycling anywhere 10. Taking pictures

Whenever I start to see the darkness, I think about all the ways my life is blessed — and it is so blessed.

Take a minute to think of the things that bring you joy, and keep that list close. It is the difference between living and enduring.

Fawn Germer is the best-selling author of four books. Her fifth book, “Finding the UP in the Downturn,” will be released in March.

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