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Tuning out the negative

It is very easy to get swallowed up by negativity when we get a daily dose of doom and gloom on the front page, television set, radio and Internet that tells us how bad we’ve got it and how much worse it is going to get. Eeesh. If we buy into it, we might as well just give up and get in a bread line right now.

If your read the news faithfully, you can’t feel uplifted. It’s just too heavy. People openly fret that they will lose their savings, that their retirement funds will be looted, that there won’t be a dime left for Social Security and that they will have to work until they die.

And yet…

If you stop listening to the bad news, the world is not quite so dark.

Realize this is being written by a former journalist who has been a lifelong, can’t-get-enough news junkie. I have always immersed myself in the news and have judged those who didn’t bother with it. Now I think they might have the right idea.

I’ve always said that the easiest way for power to run amok in government is for the populace to stop paying attention. But, power has run amok – even when we are paying attention. So, I try not to be quite so obsessed with incremental news because, in times like this, the increments can really bring me down.

When you hear bad news, you expect bad news. When you are told again and again that all is lost, all is lost. Start tuning the negativity out! Know what’s going on in general, but make a conscious decision to mute the volume and frequency of the pessimism because, otherwise, the negativity will swallow you up.

Even if these are the worst of times for millions of people, they are not the worst of times for all people. Those of us who are adept at finding opportunity in moments of great adversity will create success for ourselves, regardless of what the market does. Maybe we will have to change what we do or how we do it, but successful people have the confidence to know that they will figure it out.

There is a lot of talk about the tough times we are going through. Too much talk. Even if it is real, the negativity is powerful. It can drag you down and derail you professionally and financially because you can buy into the notion that we are experiencing a moment of great scarcity, rather than abundance.

Put it in check. Don’t delude yourself into thinking things are better than they are, but don’t get sucked under by the negativity. Figure out a way to use these tough moments as an opportunity to create more success, rather than to fight hard to just maintain.

 The window is open. Opportunity is there. If you see only adversity, you will experience adversity. Take control over the negativity by tuning out the pessimism and getting about the business of creating more success for yourself.

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