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What are you after?

There are legions of “leaders” out there desperately trying to keep their ships from sinking by plugging up this hole, then running over to the other side and plugging up that one before going over there to plug up the next one. Their ships are taking on so much water so fast that they don’t think they have time to stand back and figure out the master plan.. When the ship is going down, they don’t have time to enjoy the luxury of analysis, goal-setting and benchmarks. They’ve got to plug up all those holes!

If that is how you’ve been handling your challenges, remember that you can’t save a rapidly-sinking ship by plugging up one leak at a time. You may not have time for all the test studies, arguments, focus groups, deliberation and reasoning that you used to experience when you were charting the course, but you must have time to always go back to the core questions that made you successful in the beginning, whether you are analyzing what to do for your company or your career.

What are you after? Seriously, what are your goals? When you are pulled in many directions at one time, it is easy to forget the main challenges you face. At a time like this, it is vital that you know and all of your people know what is expected. State the vision. Let your people know what they need to do, when they need to do it and how. Communicate! With the right goals, people, communication and inspiration, you can do a lot to keep your ship from going down.

It is too easy to get overwhelmed. I know what kind of stress people are dealing with, and the challenges are daunting. But, they don’t have to be crushing. Step outside of the chaos for a minute and look at your situation as an opportunity to see what you are made of. This is your chance to do big things. Some of the things you try will work, and some won’t. But you will emerge from these moments as a stronger leader, tested and proven.

Look at all the challenges you face. Get input from others to get perspective on which problems are most critical, then brainstorm solutions can create the greatest results. At this point, you may well advance your career if you demonstrate brilliance and leadership in a moment of crisis, but you will do that best if you just do what needs to be done in the best way you can. You don’t need to be ambitious in a time like this. Your leadership and performance will automatically propel your ambitions if you deliver. The magic right now comes with a bit of humility and altruism.

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