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Which cover do you like?

Okay, we are trying to figure out which cover is best. I’ve got a few changes planned, but these are the four finalists. Send your thoughts to me at I need all the help I can get!

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fawngermer_2009_cover_2            fawngermer_2009_cover_4  

Cover 1                                                                   Cover 2 

download iris free fawngermer_2009_cover_61           fawngermer_2009_cover_1 

Cover 3                                                                   Cover 4

  1. They were all great, but I found myself focusing my eyes directly on the larger bold type in #3 and #4.

    From the first look at cover #3 my eye went directly to the word “UP” highlighted in gold, them directly to your picture. You look very relaxed and ready to tell me how to change these hard economic times to a positive in my life.

    Thanks for sharing your book cover. Look forward to reading your new book. Grace Werline

  2. From most favorite to least:

  3. 1. You are blocking your heart chakra (although it is a good picture)
    2. You look ready for a fight
    3. So chill, no worries
    4. It looks like you are thinking “hmmmm, I find you fascinating”

    Probably #3, or #4
    Okay, my final answer is 3

  4. I like #4 because you look approachable, not worrying (as if you figured it out like the title suggests), enough gold to remind you of wealth with just a splash of black for authority, and the print is good for those of us who can’t see well. Catchy title. #4 makes me want to open the book and read what you have to say.

  5. Number 1 or 4

  6. From most favorite to least:

  7. Since my favorite didn’t make it into the finalists, my second favorite is #4 – you look relaxed, confident, and I like the color blends better than those in #3 (you still look too much like Robin Roberts in #2). Number 4 screams “No Worries – I’ve got the Plan” to me. Love you!

  8. Hi Fawn!
    All the covers are great, and any would work.
    However, I do like the font and type you use for 3 and 4 better. To me, 4 is the best out of all of them. If you were to choose between 1 and 2, I would choose 1. Hope this helps!

  9. I like #3 and #4 bette than 1&2 – so over that look – too many “get the best…” fitness/health books look like # 1&2.

  10. I really liked cover #4 – I like the your photo and pose & the text size/font.

  11. I have to say number 4 is my favorite followed by number 1.

  12. I love all of them for different reasons. Considering title of the book, the calm assurance you project…#4 would have to be my favorite. The reader will know that they are going to learn something valuable from your book. Nicely done!

  13. Hi Fawn, you look fantastic in all of them, but
    definitely #4 is awesome!

  14. If I were strolling through a bookstore, I would stop to pick up #1. Balanced design, colors & pic convey good blend of gravitas & optimism. You look trustworthy.

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