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Why Susan Boyle Gives Us Hope…

If you haven’t seen the extraordinary video of Susan Boyle facing the judges of “Britain’s Got Talent,” you must. It’s worth every minute of your time. I’d embed the video here, but there are no codes available for that, so you’ll have to leave me for a few to see it. If this doesn’t bring you to tears, you must be a stone.

Susan was the brightest ray of hope on a dark day filled with thunderstorms and gloom. She’s almost 48, unemployed and never married. Before taking the stage in Britain’s version of American Idol, she admitted she also had never been kissed. Millions are wrapping her with their love now.

Her performance is so heartening because her beauty is so much more powerful than our biases. Sure, her voice is remarkable and she has more singing talent than anybody out there today. But that’s not it. It’s that she never gave up on her dream, and no matter what she looked like — or how impossible the odds were — she still believed in herself.

She shows us that we can keep believing, no matter what. That is true hope, and that is what this woman gave us when we finally allowed her star to shine.

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