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Who’s winning — despite the economy

18This was a heavy travel week for me, and I am setting aside my travel fatigue to take a minute to tell you about some of the great lessons I learned on the road this week.

First, I think a lot of us have settled in and started to roll with the bumpy ride we are getting from the economy. I had three events this week and, after each speech, I was heartened to hear how resourceful people have become, whether it is in an effort to propel their company or keep their families afloat after a hardship. I think we are all learning that we have to demonstrate a little courage and resiliance, and we must find ways to contribute more than we ever have.

Second, we are doing a better job of leaning on each other and asking for help. I met women and men who ordinarily like to project power and success, but now are finding new power by telling the people in their networks that they are in trouble and need help. It’s a rough year for everybody. You don’t have to be embarrassed if it’s rough for you.

Third, life goes on.  I spoke in Orlando yesterday and my best friend and I stopped by her brother’s house afterwards. In the last two years, he married and adopted two little girls. Before we could eat dinner, we had to put the girls to bed. Since it is customary for the 2-year-old to dance before crashing for the night, her dad turned on his Ipod and all of us danced together. We danced silly and fast and it was more fun than I have had in so long. I looked at these way-cool parents and thought, “They have filled this house with joy.” No matter what happens outside your home, you have the power to fill it with life. You can’t buy joy. You create it.

So, it was a great week. I love this work.

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