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Communicating as a Leader

Communicating as a leader is very crucial in a positive work environment. Here are a few tips for you:

• Speak plainly, keep it simple, and say exactly what you mean.
• You don’t have to slam your fist on the table. You don’t have to swear. But, you can say you are disappointed— and you should.
• “Because I said so” does not win leadership points.
• Pay attention to your people and don’t cut them off with questions or by giving your opinion before they tell you the information that they have that might help you make the right decision.
• Develop the win-win mind-set. Always remember your ultimate objective, and get to that without having to prevail in a conflict.
• Break down the intimidation to get the truth from your people.
• You are never too high up to ask for help. Actually, you are a fool if you don’t.
• If people want to offer advice, listen to it.
• Put yourself in the shoes of your people and figure out what is on their minds.

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