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Accept That Everyone is Different

As a newspaper editor, I couldn’t understand why other people didn’t behave like me.

Why would a reporter start writing a story at 6:10 p.m. if it was due twenty minutes later and there was no way he or she would meet deadline? Why would so many people want to linger an extra two hours at work when they could get their work done and leave? Why would they turn in stories they hadn’t proofread? Why would anyone do a lousy job on a routine story like a weather story if it was going to be seen by a million readers and his or her name was going right on top of it? Why didn’t people take pride in their work?

That lesson—that we aren’t all alike—took a long time for me to learn. Some of the leaders I interviewed for my books had the same experience and had to learn that people are motivated by different things and inspired in different ways. They learned to accept that everyone is different.

Good leaders know people are different and don’t try to nudge or push their people into cookie-cutter performers who will deliver the same thing as everybody else. Doing that requires a great deal of good communication and humility.

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