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Are Great Leaders Born

I always tell my audiences to remember that the things they know innately as leaders may not come so naturally to everyone else. Are great leaders born, or can they be groomed into excellence? Some people really are born with it. They instinctively know how to treat others and inspire teams to deliver extraordinary results. If you have those instincts, you are very, very lucky. But, don’t be a snob about it. Share what you know and empower others so that our influence as women will continue to grow. Ultimately, it will create greater power for you—and all women.

I laugh at the fact that I have made a lot of money exploiting the worst boss I ever had. I tell audiences, “Some people have a mentor. I had a tormentor.” And then I tell how the man sat me down and said, “You’ve gone as far as you are going to go. All you are now is all you are ever going to be—a reporter.” Everyone shakes their head knowingly, because just about everybody has had one of those jerk bosses who has thrown up obstacles and tried to derail their success. Many of us have succeeded in spite of bad leadership.

I can’t help but wonder why some people use cheap and mean power plays to prove their worth. What do they get out of that “Because I said so” garbage? Do they really think they are going to inspire anybody to do their best? Will anyone want to give anything extra?

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