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Leading by the Golden Rule

Leading By The Golden Rule

There is a Jewish version, a Christian version, a Native American version, a Buddhist version, a Shinto version, a Hindu version…

And, a corporate version—of leading by the Golden Rule.

1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…

2. Love thy neighbor as thyself…

It plays out every day with the leaders who know that the only way to create “followership” and build formidable teams is by treating people well. So many leaders told me the Golden Rule is their compass.

Think about it.

Do you enjoy being yelled at? Treated as though you are less than someone else? Micromanaged? Undermined? Do you like being second-guessed? Stretched too thin? Reminded of all your shortcomings? Do you like killing yourself to contribute, and never hearing a simple “thank you”? Do you mind being paid less than you deserve? Cheated out of the recognition or promotion you’ve got coming?

Of course not. Nobody likes any of those things.

And yet …

Managers do that stuff.

All the time.

How hard is it to realize that people are human beings and want to be treated as such?

You can set high standards, tough goals and precise objectives for your people, but you won’t get the buy-in for over-the-top performance by forcing it. If you want extra from other people, give a little extra of yourself. Become the kind of leader others naturally want to follow by treating others well—like you want to be treated. People expect and deserve your respect before they will respect you in return.

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